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The best legs on Earth !

Let's start with those pages. These ladies are really incredible ! Don't you think so ?
Don't worry, the photos here are not aimed at converting you to anything (really ?). It's just supposed to be a pleasant show for people who like pleasant things. Aren't these ladies simply wonderful ? They all dress up with a lot of sincerity. I just do not get why one are sometimes so rude towards them.
Don't play some psycho games but let's just admit they just are more teasing than many of girls you know. Who does not agree with me ? That's why I really would like to receive mails from people, especially the straight ones and I'll share them.
All of those ladies ought to make us think about one question : "what is a girl ?". Thus it just becomes obvious that it's more difficult to answer that than hidding ourselves behind some genetical or social rules. We ALL know would-be girls who prefer wearing not-that-sexy jeans better than skirts. How many girls never wear short skirts, make-up, heels and so on ? Aren't these -let's say- elements essential parts of femininity ? Let's just admit that many of us, men, are dating girls who don't have many stockings, high heels, short skirts... Unfortunately we love these. That's why we can not struggle when we see beautiful legs : we just watch them ! It's a pity that some girls are afraid or simply are not allowed to walk outside as they are in their apartment : surely one of the scarce places where they can have full fun.
So here are some of the most beautiful and classy creatures who can be found on Earth...

The ones who should give lessons to the other ones
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