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Welcome to Ultra-Legs !

Hi readers!
Thanks for visiting this site. If you are looking for "legs", you can still go to The Tight Skirts Page (the link is right now) but you also can stay here. Here you will find the universe of the classy and sexy legs. And so are the girls. If you do not agree you can drop me some words of course. It seems incredible but actually some already did !

Yes, I know the updates were rather rare those days. I have been very busy and I hope you don't really mind. All my apologizes to all of the fans (but are there any ? :) and especially to the girls who sent me their pics.
I'll try to post updates as often as possible, since I still have some of them.

Please, keep on sending me your comments and your pics. The old ones are going to be removed as there will soon be no more free octet left in the website. And as you know, they have to be renewed !

What's new ?
Andrea is very leggy. If you don't believe me, just check it out !
A brand new page full of fantasies and one with ladies who might expect your kindness.
Check out the links page.

The King of Hokanif